Korean-American Music Composition Competition Due June 30, 2005

Korean Traditional Music Sample - Video Clips
Performance by Members of Midwest Korean Traditional Artist Association
" Hyo " Concert, May, 2004

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Video clips of the "Hyo" Korean Traditional Music and Dance Concert in May, 2004.

1. Traditional folk songs Medley - "Arirang, Doraji (Balloonflower), Pungnyunga (Good harvest) 아리랑, 도라지, 풍년가 - 너름새

In contrast to the folk song of China and Japan, Korean folk songs are almost all in triple meter. Triplets instead of dotted rhythms are also characteristic. Korean folk songs clearly reflect the idiom of local region in which they are sung, so there are different versions for songs as popular as "Arirang". This version of Arirang from Gyeonggi province is the most popular one. There are diverse texts for this song, describing one's love for his beloved one or for his country.

Performance Video Clip

2. Traditional Korean folk dance "Seungmu" 승무 -
정유진 Eujean Jung

Seungmu is widely regarded as the pinnacle of traditional Korean dance in which almost all Korean dance movements are integrated with Buddhist philosophy. It is accompanied by five distinct vocal and instrumental sounds. The unique, extensive movements of the dancer in perfect harmony with the beautiful surroundings will lead the audience into a deep spiritual world.

Performance Video Clip

3. Simchung-Ga 심청가  - 김병혜

Simchung-Ga is the most artistic and popular Pansori. It is the longest one and takes four to five hours to perform in full. In this story of blind father and his daughter, filial piety is the theme. The saddest part of the story where Shimchung, the heroin, in efforts to help her father, gets sold as a sacrificial offering. The only prop the singer uses is a "hap-jook-sun", a hand fan. The percussionist is called "koh-soo".

Performance Video Clip

4. Korean new composition dance 달의 흥취 -
신미영 Mi Young Shin

'Merriment of the Moon"
An aging 'kisaeng' (a woman educated in performing arts, such as dancing, singing and playing traditional Korean instrument) recalled memories of her earlier life one moonlit night. Inspired by the beauty of the moon and recollections of her youth, she starts to dance. Based partly on "soo-kung-ga" (a Korean pansori), it is a bittersweet performance full of joy and humor.

Performance Video Clip

5. Korean traditional royal palace music 천년만세 - 너름새

"Cheonnyeonmacse" (Long live a thousand years) "Chunnyeonmanse" is a suite comprised of three pieces: Gyemyeongarak dodeuri,Yangcheong dodeuri, and Ujogarak dodeuri. It starts off with a slow tempo, quickens in the second piece, and then returns back to a slow tempo in the last piece. This suite was performed mostly by upper class scholars during the Chosun (1392-1910) Dynasty.

Performance Video Clip

6. Korean traditional folk dance"salpullee" 살풀이 -
이미순 Mi soon Lee

Salpullee is a dance originated from southern Korean Shamanism ceremony. It has been a beloved masterpiece of Korean folk dance since it was adopted as an independent dance form. It accurately reflects 'Hahn' the Korean lamentation emotion.

Performance Video Clip

7.Southern province folk songs
남도민요 (성주풀이,흥타령,개고리타령) - 너름새

Southern Korean music stems from theses folk songs. With rich musical tunes and poetic words, these songs are considered the essence of the Korean folk music.

Performance Video Clip

8. New composed music and dance,'Sogeum changsoo '소금장수'-
신미영춤, 너름새

This performance expresses 'Shin-Myung', Korean folk emotion of joy, through a variety of rhythm in music and dance.

Performance Video Clip

Performance Video Clip
We thank Midwest Korean Traditional Artist Association for their support for Sejong Cultural Society & for providing their performance video clips for Sejong Music Composition Competition.
We thank Ms. Hyun Chung Kim, a member of Nirumsay, who provided the comments on the music and dance pieces for this website. Nirumsay's next public performance - April, 2005 in Chicago area.
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