Korean-American Music Composition Competition Due June 30, 2005

What are Korean Themes ?
Samples of Korean Traditional Music

Here are samples of Korean traditional music. This page provides video clips from two Korean traditional music performances, links to websites or web pages where you can listen or view Korean traditional music performances.
VIdeo clips of Korean Traditional Music
Korean Traditional Music Performances Video Clips - Nirumsay Concert
provided by Nirumsay (Chicago Korean Music Ensemble).

VIdeo clips of Korean Traditional Music and Dance
Korean Traditional Music and Dance Performances Video Clips - "Hyo" Concert
provided by
Midwest Korean Traditional Artist Association in Chicago

VIdeo clips of Korean Traditional Percussion Music

Samulnori video clips produced by Ministry of Cuture and Tourism, Republic of Korea.

Links to website - Korean Music
Links to Web pages Korean Music - specific title
We are looking to add more Korean Music sources on this page. If you know good sources of Korean Music, please let us know. We can not post copy protected audio clips on this page without written permission from the holder of the copy right. ~ Contact us: E-mail Sejong@sejongsociety.org.
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