Korean-American Music Composition Competition Due June 30, 2005

Korean-American Music Composition Competition

Composition Competition Mission
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The primary mission of the Korean-American Music Composition Competition is to disseminate Korean cultural heritage to younger generations growing up in the USA. 

Through the competition, we aim to expand the repertoire of original music containing  Korean themes, creating a collection of high caliber works that can be performed by young music students at the Sejong Music Competition and other musical venues in the future.

Specifically, we are inviting composers to submit original pieces incorporating traditional Korean themes written for western musical instruments and suitable for young student performers.  The winning compositions will be used as required pieces for the performance segments of the Sejong Music Competition.

We hope such music will stimulate interest in Korean heritage and cultivate cultural identity among Korean descendents living in foreign countries. 

A secondary goal of this project would be to share Korean musical themes with people of other cultural and ethnic backgrounds.