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Korean Traditional Folk Songs Medley

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Performers: Nirumsay

Traditional folk songs Medley
"Arirang,Doraji (Balloonflower), Pungnyunga (Good harvest)
아리랑, 도라지, 풍년가 - 너름새

In contrast to the folk song of China and Japan, Korean folk songs are almost all in triple meter. Triplets instead of dotted rhythms are also characteristic. Korean folk songs clearly reflect the idiom of local region in which they are sung, so there are different versions for songs as popular as "Arirang". This version of Arirang from Gyeonggi province is the most popular one. There are diverse texts for this song, describing one's love for his beloved one or for his country.

Performance by Midwest Korean Traditional Artist Association members
Hyo Concert on 5/14/04
Northside College Preparatory High School Auditorium, Chicago

Boung Hye Kim, performs on the Jangku (Drum);
Hyun Chung Kim performs on Daegeum (large bamboo flute);
Sunwoo Yang performs on the Geomungo (six-stringed zither);
and Yuri Choi performs on Haegeum (two-stringed fiddle)

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