2008 Sejong Music Composition Competition Due June 15, 2008
2008 Sejong Music Composition Competition
1. Mission: 
  The mission of this competition is to encourage composers to write pieces of music using Korean traditional themes that can be played by young musicians studying western musical instruments. The selected pieces will be used as required pieces for the Sejong Music Competition in Chicago. There is a scarcity of original music containing Korean themes that can be played by young students. By using these pieces in our music competitions, we hope such traditional music will stimulate an interest in the Korean cultural heritage, and disseminate Korean melodies to people of different ethnic backgrounds. We believe music is a universal language and it allows people from different corner of the world to communicate without using words, and we hope to use this language to its fullest extent.
2. Competition Rules:
-  Eligibility:  Open to composers of all ages, all nationalities, and all ethnic backgrounds.
-  Instruments:  A solo piece for piano, violin, or cello.  Violin and cello pieces may have a piano accompaniment
-  Music length:  Playing time must be less than five minutes.
-  Music: The piece must be suitable for pre-college students to perform at the Sejong Music Competition. The senior division is ages 14-18; junior division is open to students younger than 13 years old.
Please keep in mind that we are looking for pieces that can strongly convey Korean themes.
3. Submission Requirements: 
-  The piece must contain Korean folk tunes, melody or rhythm. Transcriptions of the melodies and a recording of sample folk tunes performed by Korean instruments are on our website (www.sejongsociety.org)
-  The application should include a short paragraph that describes the Korean thematic inclusion in the entry.
-  The contestant’s entry and application form must be sent as e-mail attachments to sejong@sejongsociety.org.
-  The subject of the email should be “Sejong Music Composition Competition Entry.”
-  The music score should be submitted in a PDF (.pdf) or a Finale format (.mus). Printed scores will not be accepted.
-  For violin or cello submissions with accompaniment, both a solo part and score should be submitted together.
-  The entrant’s name and contact details cannot appear on any page of the score – the file attachment must be anonymous.  Having a name on the score will result in immediate disqualification.
-  The application form and additional information can be found at www.sejongsociety.org
-  Should the judges deem it necessary, we reserve the right to not award a prize.
-  We reserve the right to use any submitted pieces for the Sejong Music Competition without compensation to the composer.
-  1st prize winners of the previous competition (2005 Korean-American Music Composition Competition) may not enter this competition.
4. Submission deadline: 
Midnight of June 15th, 2008 (CST)
5.  Winners and prizes

Winners will be announced in the Korea Times of Chicago newspaper in late June and on our website (www.SejongSociety.org).

-   First prize: $1,000
-   Second prize: $750
-   Third prize: $500

-   Honorable Mention: $100

In addition, any of the winning entries may be submitted for the following:

-   Publication of music scores
-   Recordings on DVD or CD
-   Performance of the music broadcast Korean television or radio stations

6. Judging Criteria:
Originality, Basic skills, Korean theme expression, & performability by pre-college students
7. Contact

Any questions can be emailed to sejong@sejongsociety.org.

Download Announcement Flyer - PDF file format

8. Application Form

PDF Format (editable) or MS Word Format


9. Announcement in Korea Times of Chicago - Jan 14, 2008 Newspaper

Click here to read the competition announcement in Korean


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