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"East Meets West", Music with Korean Theme
Dae Sung Kim, composer
Dae Sung Kim

Composer. Lecturer, Joong-Ang University, Seoul, Korea. Grand prize winner of the KBS Music Composition Competition, Grand prize winner of the Best Musical.



Chang-gu nori for piano solo.

This music is based on Korean traditional “PungMul Nori” rhythm “Gil-gun-ak Chil-chae” and “Ma-dang Il-chae”.

This piece is an interpretation of Korean traditional rhythm into a piano music. The melodies in the middle of this piece with slow tempo derived from a Korean folk tune (Ihm-sil-gun, Bang-ah ta-ryung) from IkSan region of the Chun Buk Province and consist of “pyung-jo melody”.

The dynamic rhythm and beautiful melodies of Korean folk music were incorporated into this piano music.

source: Korean American Composition Competition Page


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